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  A childhood dream  
My dollhouse
Heike's  childhood dream

At the age of 47 I made an old Childhood dream come true -a New England style dollhouse. I found pictures and building instrictios in a magazine and built by a joiner.Some yaers later, in Cadiz, Spain, I saw an Andalusian style dollhouse.
The follow yaers, I collected several items during my holidays in Spain.
These include the statue of Santa Pilar from Zaragoza, a paella pan and a mirror
from Nerja, Andalusia, a bull' head from Sevilla, and earthenware from Bailen.
The house reminds me of nice days in Spain.
The rooms are made of wooden Bordeaux wine crates. Many bottle was emptied!
I used all kinds of things for decoration and furnishing. The doll'bodies are made from  pipe-cleaners, the heads and hands from stockink cloth. The sofas are made of cardboard, the one in the New-England house is covered with leather instead of fabric. This kind of dollhouse may seem unusal for some, but is not meant to be perfect. I just enjoyed working on it. This web page shows that you don't need expensive furniture or dolls, and perhaps it encourages some to fulfil their childhood dream, too
Let yourself be inspiredby the pictures!


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  New-England Farmhouse

         Spanish House  Andalusian Style

Thanks to my sons:
Marc for designing the page
Cornelius Alexander for the  translation
 into the English  language
Victor for the technology
and to my friend Daniela from Uruguay for
her translation into Spanish.
I also thanks my husband , who encouraged me
 to put my hobby into the internet
and for the translation into the French language


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